We’re firm believers that AdGates are the most engaging way to target rail commuters. AdGates aren’t the biggest, but they are truly unmissable advertising, as people literally have to pass through the middle of your messaging.

When Route data for the largest location for out-of-home advertising in the rail environment, Motion, became readily available, we were cautiously optimistic that our impacts and reach would measure up against our larger competition. As it turns out, AdGates tower above Motion in every conceivable way.

Waterloo is rightly viewed as the jewel of the termini crown, boasting 98 million entries/exits annually, according to the Office of Rail Regulation. A straight like-for-like comparison on Route for a 2 week placement of all concourse side AdGates verses a fortnight on Motion delivers an astounding 502% more impacts (90,152,170 vs 14,968,320) and 215% greater frequency (33.21 vs 10.54).

London Liverpool Street fares even better with 288% more impacts (17,185,800 vs 4,427,387) and 250% greater frequency (36.27 vs 9.48).

With Victoria Motion set to enter the fray imminently, be sure to check back with us to see how our 19,842,530 impacts and 35.26 frequency compare.

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