Over 1.2 billion journeys are made on the UK’s rail network each year. Advertising on the ticket gateways therefore enables you to reach millions of affluent commuters every day (over 80% are ABC1, and 40% are AB).

According to a recent Network Rail report, almost one third of all journeys are made by commuters on their way to and from work or on business trips.

Other rail users might be on their way to university, going on holiday or pursuing leisure and shopping activities, ensuring that AdGates are relevant for a wide range of products and brands.

60% of rail commuters use the same station on a weekly basis, increasing brand reinforcement to your target audience.

How it works

AdGates require your audience to actually walk through your advertising messages, making them fully interactive and unmissable. Research has shown that AdGates have a six times higher recall than any other form of advertising in the rail environment! People simply can’t escape your AdGates campaign as they have to funnel through it when they travel – one of only four truly unavoidable media in outdoor!

Stand Out From The Crowd

Railway stations are busy vibrant places and many are on the way to becoming destinations themselves. They offer diverse areas with businesses such as bars, shops and restaurants at many locations. T4: Alvern’s AdGates provide a unique method of standing out from the crowd. Everyone who passes through the barriers needs a ticket. This allows independent verification of audience figures – meaning your AdGates campaign is totally accountable.


4,034 AdGates nationally at over 233 rail stations. Available nationally, regionally, or by individual station.

Download the AdGate InfoCard here and the spec here