Over 1.2 billion car park transactions occur in the UK every year. These car drivers and their passengers who are prepared to pay a premium to park at airports, town and city centre car parks are a key target audience. AdBarriers are the best way to target high earning AB business executives, serious shoppers with high spending power, young professionals, and air travelers. As with all our media, AdBarriers are unavoidable – they literally stop customers in their tracks, seeing the campaign at eye level before proceeding on the journey.

How it works

AdBarriers demand attention as they stop people in their tracks with a high visibility message. Upon entering and leaving a car park the AdBarrier prevents further progress as the driver stops and takes or inserts a ticket. The driver has to look at the barrier before proceeding (for an average of 10 seconds), making the campaign completely unavoidable! Every ticket that is used is recorded by the car park operators providing one of the most accurate footfall and impact figures in the outdoor industry!


677 AdBarriers in 206 car parks nationally. Available at NCP, London Heathrow terminals and City Airport. 184 backlit AdBarriers in all London Heathrow terminals including business parking.

Download the AdBarrier InfoCard here