The Department for Transport recently released a rather dubious top 10, where nobody wants to come top of the charts. It’s a list of the most crowded trains in England, Scotland and Wales in 2014.

Coming top was the 04:22 Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport, that saw 355 people crammed into a train designed for 191. Phew! Second was the 16:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh. Surprisingly no London stations figure. Yet…

  1. 04:22 Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport
  2. 16:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh
  3. 06:31 Reading to London Paddington
  4. 07:57 London Heathrow to London Paddington
  5. 07:02 Reading to London Paddington
  6. 06:35 Caterham to Victoria
  7. 07:24 Brighton to Bedford
  8. 18:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh
  9. 07:32 Woking to London Waterloo
  10. 07:02 Woking to London Waterloo

Source: Department for Transport

A track side placement on AdGates at one of the London termini would be the perfect place to catch the eye of these fatigued and famished early morning commuters.

Paddington delivers 5,437,824* impacts in a 2 week period, whereas Victoria brings in 12,350,150*, but the one to get the most hangry and vulnerable commuters is at Waterloo. 20,247,808* impacts can be yours for a two week track side tenure. That’s some good news at least.

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