The nation’s favourite dish is always a hotly contested debate. Is it chicken tikka masala? Chow mein? Fish ‘n’ chips? Spagbol? It’s an ever-evolving topic. Something that doesn’t change is Britain’s voracious appetite for chocolate. We are officially a nation of chocaholics – spending a mouth-watering £100 a year per capita in 2015 according to The Guardian.

But then Cadbury came along and confused matters by asking folks to choose their flavourite amongst its product range. Are you a Dairy Milk kinda person? Perhaps there is nothing like a Daim for you? A Whole Nut nutter? Thought so… As part of a larger campaign, AdNozzles were included in the mix. Carefully choosing 34 Sainsbury’s forecourts around the country, Mondelez utilised the ‘one for the road’ appeal of forecourt advertising.

By utilising AdNozzles, consumers were filling their tanks whilst also thinking about filling their faces at the same time. With an outlet mere seconds away, it’s surprising more FMCG brands don’t use AdNozzles, because… Motorists are an especially sweet target for advertisers, as according to Kantar’s TGI data, 67% of car owners who have seen an AdNozzle in the last week are considered heavy consumers of chocolate. You’d be forgiven for confusing a petrol pump for a chocolate fountain, as 2/3 car owners love a cocoa fix.

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