There’s a lot to be said for living in the sticks – better quality of life, cheap pints and the ability to wear tweed without being labelled a hipster. The only downside is that you’re miles away from civilisation.

Even if you’re a city slicker, you can still miss out on some quality eats. Historically, if you couldn’t make it out of the office for lunch or was simply too lazy to get dressed for dinner, you’d go hungry. Like an angel of mercy on a moped, Deliveroo have changed the way we consume restaurant food.

Fancy something fancier than a large doner with extra chilli sauce? No problem, Deliveroo will go to the nicer parts of town to bring restaurant-quality food to your door instead. The residents of Guildford must be counting their lucky stars that the Deliveroo service has now extended to Surrey.

Understandably, the famished long-haul commuter is going to be the ideal target audience for Deliveroo. That’s why a trackside AdGate placement was a key part of the Deliveroo launch strategy in Guildford. With over 300,000 (306,195 to be precise) potential customers using the station every fortnight, it’s a cost-effective way of getting the message out with unmissable visual impacts.

Picking AdGates for a new launch is a lot easier than choosing what to have for dinner for many Guilfordians – do you have the rump from Cau or a Taxidriver from Gourmet Burger Kitchen?

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