Good news for those of us to who like to drive to the petrol station make-up free: we no longer have to go inside the shop to pay! Come April 1st, we will be able to pay directly on our smartphone when filling up at Shell petrol stations. This new modern and innovative payment method is the result of the new partnership between PayPal and Shell.

To get ready for the new convenient payment system just download and install the PayPal or Shell motorist app on your phone. Once installed, select the station and pump you’ve parked at, fill up and drive off. Your card is automatically charged for the fuel and you no longer have to face any queues or leave any crying kids inside the car (however tempting).

“At PayPal, we’ve always believed people will use their mobile phones to pay if there’s a clear benefit,”said PayPal UK mobile commerce director Rob Harper.

“With today’s announcement, we’re offering drivers a faster way to fill up their car and pay, and get back on the road.”

Shell will begin rolling out a pilot of the service for invited Shell Drivers’ Club members from April, with plans to expand mobile payments nationwide later this year.

Shell UK retail marketing manager Michael Hominick said the deal would offer “security, choice and convenience” for drivers.

All hail the future and to never having to check your make-up again!