We’ve had a great time this summer, not least because of the wonderful range of brands that chose AdGates and AdNozzles® for their summertime campaigns. Here’s a little insight into a few of them to keep you in the know…

Thirsty commuters were quenched with Coca Cola’s Fuze Tea and Lucozade’s sponsorship of Love Island.  BMW PGA dominated AdGates at Waterloo for BMW’s sponsorship of the European PGA tournament.

Wrigley’s reminded us to take responsibility with a ‘bin it your way’ message across AdGates. Deliveroo communicated new delivery areas, MyTaxi launched their new service to commuters in Reading and MDNA supported the Farnborough International Airshow.

AdNozzles® kept up the momentum as Trade Centre UK dominated the Wales and Central regions, Gofindmycar.com took on the Motorways, Smooth Radio promoted its breakfast show and Amex ran a national burst with some great results!

If you’d like to see our research results, fancy taking a closer look at any of the campaigns we’ve mentioned, or have a client that could benefit from the targeted reach of AdNozzles® or AdGates this Autumn, get in touch using our contact form.

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