Whether you’re an electrician, florist or a decorator – the humble van is the foundation of your business.

Insurance company, Direct Line, understands the importance of cover. A small business without a van could find their business taking a serious dent.

Direct Line capitalised on this need using AdNozzles® to raise awareness by advertising across 688 targeted forecourts on both roadside and supermarket with its creative AdNozzle® campaign. Direct Line selected forecourts to target small businesses within the local area ensuring maximum exposure.

Direct Line isn’t the only insurance company that used AdNozzles® to speak directly to a 100% motorist audience. AXA SME Insurance achieved great success with its fuel pump advertising. According to independent research 73% of drivers recalled seeing the AdNozzle® campaign.

Direct Line weren’t cutting corners when it came to it’s advertising. Their direct approach ensured that hundreds of thousands of motorists all know commercial van insurance is now available.

Insurance company, Direct Line, understands the importance of cover.

To find out more about AdNozzles®, give one of our Agency team a call on 020 7233 9777 to find forecourts in local your area.

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