After a few years of testing, the Shell Fill Up & Go mobile phone payment system is finally live. In conjunction with the ever industrious PayPal, customers can download an app, key in how much they want to spend on fuel in advance, and then they’re good to go.

It’s a clever bit of kit for a number of reasons. The most immediate advantage is that you’ll no longer have to pay that much attention to how much you’ll end up spending, as you’ve already set your own spending limit. Conversely, it’s removed the fun of trying to get the numbers dead on (if that’s your thing).

It’s been an interesting development for T4media, as it strengthens our resolve that AdNozzles are the best possible way to reach motorists. If the app proves to be popular and Shell’s competitors follow suit, it will be the 21st century version of pay at pump, accelerating the industry average of 1 in 3 fuel buyers who don’t enter the shop.

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