JUST EAT wanted to target busy commuters travelling home in the evening and so AdGates were selected as the solus format for its recent outdoor campaign. The UK’s leading online takeaway service was able to promote its mobile apps prior to commuters boarding their trains, when they would have time to download and explore the content. JUST EAT showcased strong branding with its vibrant and unmissable creative that ran at all 11 London termini and 86 commuter stations within London. The strategy was to target commuters on their way home, firstly at the point of departure on concourse side AdGates and then reiterate the message as they arrived at their destination railway station.



“The termini AdGates enabled us to encourage commuters to ‘grab the app’ when they had down-time on the train and then reinforce the message for that evening on trackside at their destination. We chose AdGates as they allowed us to effectively ‘own’ the commuter journey through two key points and prompt immediate action.”

Leah Knighton, Just Eat –  Senior Marketing Manager

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