Just Eat has an insatiable appetite, that’s for sure – they’ve come back to AdGates for seconds. Following a highly successful campaign in 2014, July 2015 saw Havas Media book 8x London termini stations (343 AdGates) and 1 busy London commuter station.

The placement was key; concourse side at termini to introduce the idea (and get stomachs rumbling) and trackside to help strengthen resolve for that bargain bucket when they get home.

We decided to delve a little deeper into the campaign’s performance, so we commissioned independent research to find out more. They dutifully spoke to 153 famished commuters at East Croydon station about what they thought of the advertising:

  • 41% remembered seeing Just Eat branded advertising at the station without prompting.
  • 67% attributed Just Eat to their AdGates placement.
  • 57% positively commented on the AdGate advertising
  • 61% of respondents will do a positive action after seeing the Just Eat AdGate campaign.

Couple that with the fact that 85% of all respondents own a smart phone, it’s not hard to imagine large numbers of commuters were weighing up the pros and cons of a crafty midweek Chinese, instead of being disappointed on missing out on their usual window seat.

It is purely coincidental that Wrigley chose AdGates to launch the newest flavour of Airwaves. Yup, no correlation between a mutton madras on a school night, and an AdGate campaign based on proximity to retailers stocking the gum. None at all.


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